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Skin Material: Dacron, Nylon, Polyester (see materials for more information)

Skin Finish: 2 Part Urethane, Spar Varnish, Sealed for Painting

Color:  Boats come in a natural amber color. If you want it a different color simple lightly sand the finish and apply your paint of choice over the hull. It is recommended to use an oil based exterior or a marine paint for a more durable finish (3 coats).



Which paddle style?  Beaver Tail, Otter Tail, Willow Leaf, Voyager

Shaft Length: 

Wood Choice:  

Finish: Oil, Varnish, Fiberglass, Epoxy

Options:  Fiber-glassed blade, blade tip protection.


Seek and you will find. We are based in the foot hills of the White Mountain National Forest and the Northern end of the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.  


"Hope It Floats"
Jim Gleich

PO Box 1293


New Hampshire,  03223


(603) 726-0379 /

Order Form:

Fill out the below form with all of the details of your order or questions.  I will contact you as quickly as I can.  A contract for the project outlining the details of the build will be sent to you.  Upon receiving the signed contract and deposit, your project will begin. Thank you for your patience.

***Please note that a non-refundable, 50% deposit is required to secure your order. Checks are to be made out to James Gleich with "Hope It Floats" or "Up-Ah-Creek" in the memo line.****

Payments: Contact for payment options. We do accept PayPal.