Kayaks  (Qajaq)

Skin-On-Frame (SOF) Kayaks

Traditional Skin

Greenland Style Kayak (Qajaq)

Greenland kayaks (qajaq), are meant to be a form fitting boat. This type of kayak is worn like clothing and conformed to anthropomorphic measurements. However, our boats are a little bit wider than a traditional Greenland Kayak. This help accommodate a wider range of paddlers.

  • Length: 13' - 16'
  • Beam: 24"
  • Displacement: 250 lbs.

Baidarka Style (Aleutian Kayak)

The Baidarka or Aleutian kayak was the watercraft created by the native Aleut (or Unangan) people of the Aleutian Islands. The Aleut people were surrounded by treacherous waters and required water transportation and a hunting vessel. The main feature of this kayak is the "Bifurcated" Bow and extended stern. It is believed that the split bow helps the kayak split the wave with the furthest fin while the bow then lifts the boat up the wave. The name "Baidarka" comes from the Russian word for small boat. What make this boat special and unique are the bow and stern design. The bifurcated (split) bow was believed to help part the water (front section) and then allow the second bow to help lift the boat above the waves. The stern shape allows for better tracking by extending the water line past the boat.

  • Length: 13' - 18'
  • Beam: 24"
  • Displacement: 250 lbs.

How to order a kayak

So you are interested in a SOF Kayak, this is how to order one:

  1. Determine what style you would like, Greenland or Baidarka.
  2. Determine the length of the boat. between 13' to 18' (remember, the longer the boat, the more weight it can carry and the higher the price)
  3. Take a measurement of the length of your legs extended while sitting on the floor with your back against a wall. Measure from the wall to your heel.  (this is for foot brace placement)
  4. When you contact me, write you decision in the message portion of the form.