"I would rather tip my mug than tip my boat!"

These wonderful, hand made drinking mugs offer style as well as volume. Each mug is sealed with a food safe finish. Traditional food safe finishes include Teak Oil, Mineral Oil, Boiled Linseed Oil, and Beeswax. These need to be reapplied as the finish wears off. Mugs with these finishes should only be used with cold beverages.

If you would like an alternative finish that will allow you to enjoy either Hot or Cold beverages, we also use a FDA approved epoxy, (UpStart Epoxy). This will make your "Weekend Party Mug" become your "Morning Wake Up Call Mug."  There is a $10 epoxy fee for this coating. Once it is applied, it is all set, no refinishing needed with normal use.

Each cedar strip mug is unique. Patterns of wood tone are random and cannot be predicted. Wood slat mugs are more predictable. Our Octagon mugs are set up with an alternating wood type pattern. (maple, oak,  maple, oak, etc.) You may also choose an all one type wood option. Check our wood choices for more options.

 They also float! Each mug holds at least 16 oz. We offer sizes in 16 oz. , 20 oz., and 24 oz. 

Each mug is unique, for the cedar strips are chosen randomly when assembled.

Remember, these mugs are to be hand washed only and not placed in a microwave or dishwasher.


16 oz.  (US Pint)                   $35

20 oz. (Imperial Pint)       $40      

24 oz. (Bomber)              $45