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Canoe have been the backbone for water recreational activities, transportation, trade and commerce for a very long time. The designs of the canoes were influenced by nature itself. Indigenous cultures each had their own design based upon the purpose of the craft. Through these influence of the canoes of our past,  modern Skin-On-Frame canoes  take to the water with the same spirit of freedom that helped humans capture the experience of the outdoors.

"A Brief History of the  Canoe." Washington Post



Kayaks were the hunting vessels of the Northern tribes of men. The Northern oceans demanded a vessel that the paddlers had to literally wear. The North Atlantic and Artic Oceans gave birth to the Greenland Kayak, The North Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea gave birth to the Baidarka of the Aleutian Island. Both designs were used to hunt seals, walruses, otters, and small whales.  

"Kayak History" by Seawolf Kayaks


"Up-Ah-Creek" Paddles

"Don't be without one!"

You have  wonderful boat ready to use. You've done the research, taken measurement, and now you are ready to hit the water. WAIT!!! How are you going to propel your craft through the water? Treat yourself to a paddle with the same integrity as your boat. Don't embarrass youself with a run of the mill wooden plank with a handle. Get a real grip on the situation and treat yourself to a handmade paddle that fits you like a glove. 

The paddle becomes the means of movement between you and nature.


Tip a mug not a boat!

Enjoy a well deserved mug of your favorite beverage to start or finish your day. Each mug is hand crafted and unique. Add a little character to your day or evening. You can enjoy either hot or cold beverages in our mugs. Remember to enjoy your choice of beverage responsibly.